World war three has already started. In fact, we are in the closing stages of the epic battle between civilisation and Mother Nature. The question is, how and when mankind sues for peace. Let me explain.

Nature is uncivilised and many urban dwellers therefore have little interest in it. In fact, for many people, Nature is far from natural – it is little understood and even frightening. This is why many detest it and an epic battle has ensued as civilisation tries to exploit, dominate, and then control Nature. This is a battle mankind is certain to lose.

Humans put themselves and civilisation at the centre of the universe, and rules at the core of civilisation. The problem is that Nature has its own rules and systems and does not see things the same way. Nature does not view humans differently to any of its other animals or ecosystems – they all bend to her rules – eventually!

‘Nature is indifferent, unforgiving and uninterested in the problems of humans. Nature does not care if we live or die, succeed or fail – feel pleasure or pain’. It is this that the spoilt human race finds uncivilised. To live in a world so unsympathetic to us is intolerable to many.

So, we deny, ignore and battle against Nature. The Earth is 4.6 billion years old. If we change the scale of this, to say, 46 years, we have been here for 4 hours of that time. On that scale, the Industrial Revolution began just one minute ago and, in that time, we have destroyed more than 50% of the world’s forests, consumed most of the fish in our seas and stopped some of our mightiest rivers reaching them. The list is endless. In the last ten seconds we have been struggling to eradicate hunger, starvation, disease and in general delaying death and defying nature.

The balance lies in the hands of the entity that holds the real power and that is Mother Nature. This is a battle that Nature did not start but will without question win. From climate change to looming food shortages and massive environmental destruction, it is clear that we are about to lose the battle. We therefore need to sue for peace. I will explain more about how to do this in my next article.

Let’s get busy repairing the future.