The Story of the Fly: And how it could save the world

The Story of the Fly – New Edition 2021

The fly exists on every inhabited continent, yet few if any of us understand its importance and use and fewer still how it could be at the core of a new industry. This is a fun and businesslike look at an animal that most of us think of as a pest.

The Story of the Fly: And how it could save the world, will take you on a journey through the history and future of the misunderstood fly. From humanity’s tireless but mostly unsuccessfully attempts to kill them – to how it walks on ceilings and survives Ice Ages and outsmarts all manner of fly swats, toxins and traps. The book also reveals how, throughout history, humans from Genghis Kahn to Napoleon Bonaparte’s surgeon, NASA, various forensic entomologists and the UK National Health Services – have harnessed and researched the fly to help mankind. But ultimately it outlines a future for the fly as it could help save the world. From recycling waste nutrients and generating sustainable protein to natural antibiotics and an adjuvant for vaccines to replace shark liver oil. (Good news for Sharks!)

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The Protein Crunch

The Protein Crunch – Civilization on the brink looks at the environment from the perspective of an entrepreneur and eco-capitalist. It explores how our water, land and seas combine to produce the food on which we all depend.

These natural eco-systems have become critically degraded at a time when our ever increasing population needs them most. From our seas to our cities this book explores the unusual and interesting way Jason sees the environment and the world in which we live.

NEW BOOK: The Environmental Capitalist

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