Humans started the fight against Nature and as I explained in my last article, we are about to lose and therefore need to sue for peace. Let me explain.

If you live until you are 80 you will probably have spent 72 years indoors – most of that in an office, car, or at home. Our ancestors did not do this and as a result were closer to, and in better harmony with, nature. 

We have spent 250 years converting ancient sunlight, in the form of coal and oil, to power our present and destroy our future. But the Industrial Revolution is over, and the Sustainability Revolution has begun. Any peace must be founded on this nascent revolution. How we manage the transition from the Industrial Revolution to the Sustainability Revolution will define the outcome of the 21st century for humanity.

The new revolution will fundamentally change our lives over the next 15 years. During this timeframe, it will deliver more change and more innovation than in the last 150 years of the Industrial Revolution. Old industries will be torn apart and new ones will explode onto the marketplace. Businesses will now seek to fit in with, and repair, the natural world rather than try to bend it to their will. This will deliver more opportunity than we can imagine. 

Like the workers that threw their sabots into the cogs of the spinning jenny at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, there are those today trying to deny or stop this new revolution. Their efforts will be futile. 

Every age has its great wealth creators and the next Bill Gates will make his or her fortune closing a loop in business that repairs the environment and our future.

We need to adopt a different attitude towards Nature. Attitude determines choice, and choice determines results. There has never been a more exciting time to be alive and in business.

Keep calm and carry on? No thanks, I would rather raise hell and change the world.

Let’s get busy repairing the future.