‘One of Africa’s most inspiring green leaders’

– Leadership Magazine

‘Jason is one of the most interesting and engaging speakers of his generation’

– Enviroserv, South Africa

A remarkable thinker, doer, writer, speaker


Environmental Capitalist Jason has started and invested in a series of globally disruptive businesses. From the world’s largest fly farms, to a remarkable and profitable toilet business in the slums of Africa as well as a company that is likely to replace the pesticide industry.


News from Jason

Suing for peace

Suing for peace

Humans started the fight against Nature and as I explained in my last article, we are about to lose and therefore need to sue for peace. Let me explain. If you live until you are 80 you will probably have spent 72 years indoors – most of that in an office, car, or at...

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World war three

World war three

World war three has already started. In fact, we are in the closing stages of the epic battle between civilisation and Mother Nature. The question is, how and when mankind sues for peace. Let me explain. Nature is uncivilised and many urban dwellers therefore have...

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Safe Sex and Insecticides

Safe Sex and Insecticides

Safe sex is about to replace pesticides in an environmentally brilliant solution to human health and agricultural pest problems – if only we can get over our fear of technology. Let me explain. Mosquitoes, not great white sharks, are the biggest killers of humans....

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About Jason

Jason is a serial entrepreneur, passionate environmentalist and futurist. He argues that the industrial revolution is over and the sustainability revolution has begun. Into this new world, he has developed a clear vision and blueprint for business in the 21st century.

Jason is an inspirational business leader of this nascent revolution. He has started and invested in some remarkable 21st century business, from the world’s largest insect farms, to an empowering and profitable toilet business in the slums of Africa in addition a company that is set to replace the pesticide industry.

Jason takes business thinking, vision and action into the 21st century – he looks for profitable game changing solutions to the new business paradigms we face.Turning accepted business concepts and models upside down as he looks at business today from the perspective of the future.

He explores concepts and frameworks that will define business in the 21st century. His closed systems thinking approach to his own business makes his companies profitable yet simple and brilliant.

Described by Forbes Magazine as ‘Lord of the Flies’ and Leadership Magazine as one of ‘Africa’s most inspiring green leaders’, he is sharp, witty and above all a realist with a no-nonsense motivational and business focused approach to fixing our problems.

Honorary Consul general for Pakistan in South Africa, he was also awarded the 2013 United Nations Innovation Prize for Africa and the CleanEquity award by HSH Prince Albert of Monaco.



The Protein Crunch

The Protein Crunch – Civilization on the brink looks at the environment from the perspective of an entrepreneur and eco-capitalist. It explores how our water, land and seas combine to produce the food on which we all depend.

This accessible best seller offers radical new explanations and solutions to some of our most pressing problems.

The Story of the Fly

The fly exists on every inhabited continent, yet few if any of us understand its importance and use and fewer still how it could be at the core of a new industry. This is a fun and businesslike look, at an animal that most of us think of as a pest.

The Story of the Fly And how it could save the world, will take you behind the pesky reputation and inside the brain and body of the much misunderstood fly.



‘Voted one of the best presentations of the event’

- Creative Innovation, Asia

‘A fascinating and thought provoking tour of business and the environment.’

- Tallberg Foundation, Sweden

‘A wonderful workshop, participants were overwhelmed, I’ve never received such positive feedback.’

- Reckitt & Benckiser, Dubai

'Brilliant – when he spoke you could have heard a pin drop – we cannot wait to have him do a return visit.’

- HEC Executive MBA, Cape Town

'His passion and ability to engage the audience captivated our guests.'

- Agricole Bank, London